Boise rental property inspections.

Rental Inspections.

 Options for both owners and tenants of rental properties. You can have an inspection done before, during, and after being occupied. Rental Properties are a great investment and it is worth protecting your investment. Even the best tenants can fail to inform you that there is a small water leak, or cracks in the drywall that seem to be only cosmetic.  Not knowing whats going on with your property,  can cause a small repair to turn into a large and costly repair that will eat into your profits.  We offer  custom options to fit your needs . 

Our pre-move in , and post-move out will give you documented proof of any  property damage that was caused by the tenant. If you ever need to go to court to recover money for damages, we will be available to testify about the reports and the state of the property before and after.

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